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With all of our Consignment birds, we cannot not guarantee the information given to us is 100% accurate. The sex of the bird can always be different unless there is a sexing certificate given. We do sex birds for a $45 fee.

Timnah African Grey, This shy guy is very sweet once he gets to know you. He likes to make his sound affects and talks a little. He is only 2 years old and looking for his forever home. He is $2,000.

Triton Cockatoo, Spike is a 2 year old Male Triton Cockatoo. He is very sweet and loves to be flipped on his back. he is very playful and would love a family that can devote a few hours a day of play time with him. He is $2,500.


Jenna, Yellow Nape Amazon. She is around 6 years old and full of spunk. She loves to vocalize and would love a family that will enjoy her intellect. She is $1,000

Mila, 4 year old Congo African Grey, She is very shy. She loves her toys and likes to watch over you. She is $1,500.


Reggie, 15 + year old grey, His owner passed away and lives with Lilly, They both do very well together and are looking for forever homes together. Reggie is $1000 Reggie and Lilly, $2,100.


Lilly, Congo African Grey. Lilly is around 8 years old and is looking for a forever home with Reggie. Lilly $1,400.

Cindy is a 2 year old Vosmarie Eclectes. She needs a family that can show her love and give her the attention that she needs. She does have a toe on each foot that sit lame. How ever this does not affect her in the slightest. She is $1,200.