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Our Products…come check our vast inventory !

ProductsTodd Marcus Birds Exotic, Inc is proud to offer a wide and extraordinary selection of toys to suit all of your bird’s needs. There are literally thousands of unique and innovative toys to choose from including manufacturers such as: Jungle Talk, Molly’s, Sterling Creations, Leather Elves, Grahams, Paradise, Choppers, Maggie’s, Kings, and much, much more.

We know how essential it is to select the right cage for your feathered friend. After all, this will be his/her home for many years to come. That’s why we have a knowledgeable staff ready to listen to everything you are looking for in a cage and combine that with what is needed for your bird, so that we can point you in the right direction.

ProductsWe offer a wide variety of cage designs from several dependable manufacturers such as Kings Cages, Blue Ribbon, Dawel and Prevue Hendrix. Don’t forget to check out our Play gyms, Trees, Stands and Tabletops while you’re here. You can have fun creating an entire playground for you bird by combining gyms with toys and perches. This can be hours of fun for both you and your baby. Teaching a bird to have independent time is an important and healthy part of their life.

We are renowned for our huge amount of editable and healthy goodies. We have for over 30 years created and sold our very own CUSTOM BLENDS. We have 12 blends for all types of birds from seed eaters to pellet only diets. We also offer foods from other great companies such as Crazy Corn, F.M. Browns, Goldenfeast, Hagen, Harrison’s, Higgins, Island Treat, Just Tomatoes, Kaytee, Lafebers, Lory Life, Pretty Bird, Roudybush, Scarlet, Sun Seed, Vitakraft and Zupreem.
We also have tons of additional commodities, many types of each such as, bathing products, bedding, behavior supplements, a wide array of books, cage skirts/covers, carriers, cleaners, cups/crocks, foot toys, formula, lights, ladders, mineral blocks, several types of perches (i.e., concrete, hardwood, twisted, rope & shower), pest products, stands, swings, syringes, treats sticks, t-shirts, vitamin supplements, etc.

We literally have 144 filled to the tip top seed bins!!
Call for details about the types of
Cages, Stands, Trees and Playpens we offer.