available baby birds

Updated on 3/24/17

Blue Headed Pionus 1 available female.

Common Mynahs

Congo African grey 1 available

Timnah African grey 4 available

Catalina Macaw

Male Soleman Island Eclectes 1 available

Female Soleman Island Eclectes 1 available

Vos Marie  Female Eclectus

Green Cheek variations assorted ( call us to see what type/coloration is in stock. 30+ available

Goffin Cockatoo 2 available

Grey pied cockatiels 12 available

Jardine Parrot

Jenday Conure

Kakariki Parakeet     3  available

Love birds

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

Myers Parrot 2 available

Nanday conure 1 available

Orange Wing amazon

Parrotlets Various colors, 12 available

Rose Breasted Cockatoo 8 available

Scarlet Macaw 0 available

Severe Mini Macaw

Shamrock Macaw

Silver faced cockatiel 5 available

Sun conures 2 available

Superb Starling 1 available

Yellow Crown Amazons

White Belly caique  2 available

Capri Macaw parents are (Camelot crossed with a Military)

Lori’s 1 available







***We get new shipments 1-2 times every month now. If you do not see something that you want, let us know or check back frequently to see what has come in. Also ask us about our many different financing options that we offer!**


Many different types of Finches and Canary’s. Call to see what is in stock currently.