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As all of us who own birds know they become part of our family very quickly. But there are so many levels of care required to own these magnificent animals. We here at Todd Marcus Birds Exotic strive daily to make sure you have a happy & healthy bird, providing proper food & toys. But we must not forget to have our birds routinely groomed. Here at Birds Exotic we can do this for you. Allow our knowledgeable & well trained staff to take care of your babies’ needs.


We board all types of birds (finches to macaws).



Handfeeding Babies

Cage Rental Per Week
Small – $5.00
Large – $10.00








When boarding at Birds Exotic it’s like staying at a 5 Star Tweet Suites. We clean each cage, cups, change food/treats daily & change waters twice daily. If your bird(s) run out of toys, we can add them to your boarding form. We give your little ones tons of love & attention. All of us here have birds of our own birds so we know what it’s like to be without them. Feel free to call & check on them if you’d like. We strive daily to make it as comfortable an environment as possible for your precious little ones and for you.

Please call or email us for boarding
requirements & cage setups:


At Todd Marcus Birds our customer are family. We have a very knowledgeable staff that will answer any question you can have about your birds, equipment, toys, food and cages.

Are you frustrated with your exotic pet’s behavior? Is it ruining your relationship with your pet? If so, change it! Todd Marcus Birds provides behavior counseling for birds that demonstrate repeated problem behaviors such as biting, screaming, self-destructive behavior, and other issues. After more than 30 years in the business working with exotic birds, behavior issues is one of Todd’s special interests. So at our store, he offers full behavior counseling for all exotic birds after first undergoing a complete physical examination and appropriate blood and stool testing with one of our experienced avian vets to help rule-out any underlying medical problems.

Once you understand the process, you can use these tools again in the future to deal with other problem behaviors if they arise. With practice, you can master these techniques and significantly improve the quality of your relationship with your exotic bird.


It’s always stressful when you leave town and have to leave your beloved pet behind. Plus, most boarding facilities know very little about the special needs of exotic birds. At Todd Marcus Birds, we spend a great deal of time giving attention to every exotic bird that boards with us.

We Groom: Nails, Wings & Beaks – Monday – Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm | Sundays 10:00am to 5:00pm


Cockatiels/Sm Conures
Lg Conures/Caiques/Lorys