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Food and training are the essentials to keeping a bird, but maintaining its health and happiness requires a lot more care and dedication. At Todd Marcus Birds Exotic, we are ready to help you and your avian family along every step of the way with an array of services for your exotic bird.

As all of us who own birds know they become part of our family very quickly. But there are so many levels of care required to own these magnificent animals. We here at Todd Marcus Birds Exotic strive daily to make sure you have a happy & healthy bird, providing proper food & toys. But we must not forget to have our birds routinely groomed. Here at Birds Exotic, we can do this for you. Allow our knowledgeable & well-trained staff to take care of your babies’ needs.


We board all types of birds (finches to macaws).



Handfeeding Babies

Cage Rental Per Week
Small – $5.00
Large – $10.00








Birds enjoy the company, and if you’re planning a prolonged trip or a vacation, proper boarding can help alleviate their loneliness, in addition to ensuring they’re taken good care of. At Todd Marcus Birds Exotic, our trained staff will provide you with full start-to-end boarding services, custom-tailored to you and your bird’s needs.

We go the extra mile to ensure your feathery friend gets all the attention they need. With cages, cups, and food dispensers cleaned daily, water provided twice a day, and treats dispensed to every well-behaving bird, our boarding care is designed to feel like a 5-star tweet hotel for your bird.

We recommend you provide toys for your bird when it might be feeling playful and energetic. As we are all bird-enthusiasts and owners, we know how long every second away from them feels like. If you are missing your feathery friend, be sure to call and check upon them. We strive daily to make it as comfortable an environment as possible for your precious little ones and you.

Please call or email us for boarding requirements & cage setups:

COUNSELINGLorikeets grooming in Levittown, PA

Are you frustrated with your bird’s behavior? Is your feathery friend destroying their cage and everything you leave in its vicinity?

Self-destructive behavior, biting, and screaming can cause great annoyance and irreparable damage, not just furniture but the relationship between owner and pet. With over 3 decades of experience in avian care, we at Todd Marcus are specialists at bird behaviors and can help you find the root of the problem, as well as design easy-to-follow solutions. Our team has a knack for fixing behavioral issues, and our behavior counseling service is designed for all types of exotic birds.

Each counseling appointment begins with a complete physical evaluation, along with the appropriate blood and stool tests. This helps our experienced vets eliminate any underlying medical problems.

Our counseling services will provide you with the tools to deal with problematic bird behaviors, as well as recognize the signs of any issues in the future. Our task is to secure a good relationship between you and your avian family, strengthening the bond between the two of you and ensuring.


Grooming is an essential part of bird care. It improves more than just their looks: grooming can have a significant impact on their health and well-being. Wild birds will normally get their beaks and nails worn down throughout their daily lives, but bird pets need a bit of help to do that. Additionally, without proper wing feather trimming, your bird might descent too rapidly or uncontrollably, causing distress and potential injuries.

At Todd Marcus Exotic Birds, we offer an array of bird grooming services for every type of exotic pet.

We Groom: Nails, Wings & Beaks – Monday – Saturday 9:00am to 9:00pm | Sundays 10:00am to 5:00pm


Cockatiels/Sm Conures
Lg Conures/Caiques/Lorys