The Top Bird Food Store in Delran, NJ

Keeping your bird on a healthy diet is a must, and the exotic bird food selection we have at Todd Marcus Birds Exotic will allow you to do just that. Our products from trusted brands like Higgin’s, Harrison’s, Kaytee, Lafeber, ZuPreem, and more are available on our website and at our in-store bird food location in Delran, NJ.

Many of our customers choose to purchase bird food in bulk to save money and feed their flock. We highly recommend our custom blends of exotic bird food, available for birds of all different sizes. These include a combination of bird pellets, fruits, veggies, nuts, safflower seeds, and other fun bird treats that your companion will enjoy!

Additionally, our bird food store in Delran, NJ, has many specialized types of bird food, such as hand feeding formula for baby birds and food for Lories and Lorikeets.

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic is the best bird food store in Delran, NJ

Cockatiel and Parakeet Food

In our Delran, NJ, location, we offer bird food of all kinds — including pellets and bulk food for cockatiels and parakeets — for your feathery friend’s meals. To keep them feeling as happy as they always look, giving them a balanced and healthy diet of veggies, fruits, and occasional treats will keep your bird fluttering with joy for a long time!

Seed diets are unhealthy and unsatisfying for birds, but leafy greens and other vegetables, fresh or dried, will make your parakeet, cockatiel, or budgie a happy one and ensure that it lives a full and happy life.

Parrot Food

Parrots cannot survive on an all-seed diet. These types of diets have proven to be highly unhealthy for birds and don’t give them the nutrients they need. That’s why we offer a selection of pelleted mixes and parrot treats such as dried fruit and nuts and other healthy choices to keep your bird happy!

Finch and Canary Food

Food for zebra finches, canaries, and other small birds includes a wide range of supplements that should be served along with the regular variety of small bird pellets, seeds, and fruits that you give to your bird. If you are breeding your finches, the supplements allow the bird’s body to withstand the breeding cycle better and give it more protein that will help with molting.

Toucan Food

If you are lucky enough to be a toucan owner, making sure that they are getting the best exotic bird food is crucial. They have one of the most specialized diets of any breed, so finding the right toucan food is of the utmost importance. Luckily, you can find an entire selection of goodies for your toucan here at Todd Marcus Birds Exotic, and we can make sure whatever you purchase is toucan-friendly!

Find the Exotic Bird Food You Need Online

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic has a wide variety of exotic bird food — like safflower seeds — for just about every species. With bulk bird food selections of nuts, dried fruit, and other foods for parrots and veggies and pellets for all other varieties, our bird food store in Delran, NJ, has everything you need to keep your best friend happy and healthy! For more information about your bird’s diet and services for birds and parrot toys that your bird will enjoy, contact us today!


What type of food should I get for my parrot?

Each species of bird has special dietary needs. Whether you have a cockatiel, Congo African Grey, Eclectus, or other types of exotic birds, we can help you choose the food they need to stay healthy.

Where can I buy food for my exotic bird?

You can find food and treats for your parrot or other birds on our website! Or, if you prefer, you can come to visit our bird food store in Delran, NJ, in person. We often see people come in from the following areas and even around the country!

  • Delaware: Claymont, New Castle County, Wilmington, Worthland
  • Pennsylvania: Bridesburg, Bucks County (Bristol, Levittown), Holmesburg, Philadelphia County
  • New York: Annadale, Arden, Richmond County, Staten Island, Tottenville
  • New Jersey: Brookview, Bridgeboro, Burlington County, Eltingville, Pleasant Plains, Riverside
  • Florida