Exotic Bird Accessories in Delran, NJ

As a loving and caring bird owner, you want to do everything in your power to make sure that your pet feels comfortable in your home. The best way to accomplish such a task is by providing plenty of accessories for your exotic bird in Delran, NJ, that will enhance their lives (and help you keep your space just a little tidier).

We have a multitude of accessories for parrots like macaws, cockatoos, African greys, and much more at our in-store location for your bird accessories in Delran, NJ, or here on our website. Whether you’re taking home a new baby bird or you want to update your bird’s home or play area, our staff would be happy to help you select the bird accessories you need for your Delran, NJ home.

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic sells bird accessories in Delran, NJ

Accessories to Keep Your Bird’s Home Clean

It’s likely that your bird spends at least a few hours a day in its cage and sleeps there at night, so making sure that the area is cleaned regularly is essential. That makes bird cleaner and bird bedding two great accessories to have on hand for your exotic bird. Why is that, you ask? Two words: bird poop.

The bird bedding will go at the bottom of the cage, so the “droppings” are easier to scoop up. You can also place bedding at the bottom of some bird cage stands for easier cleanup. Bird cage cleaner is a great, non-toxic way to remove any stubborn build-up, and it keeps your bird’s cage cleaner than just using water.

Accessories for Bird Cages in Delran, NJ

A ladder in your bird’s cage encourages its love of climbing and exploration. Bird perches located strategically throughout the cage are also crucial so that your bird can comfortably eat, play, and sleep. We have bird cage ladders available in different sizes for different types of birds.

Having a light fixture for your bird cage is also one of the most important things you can get. Without this, your bird is essentially colorblind! With the help of a UVA/UVB bulb, your bird will be able to better synthesize vitamins and nutrients to be physically and psychologically healthy. Plus, bird light fixtures will help them see in a full range of colors.

Bird Perches

Your bird won’t spend the entire day in its cage, so having an appropriate place for them to rest and observe the goings-on in your home is essential. Finding bird perches and stands can give your feathered friends room to move and stand during the day.

The bird perches and stands that we offer in our store come in all varieties, from simple to extravagant! Your bird’s ability to play and socialize is crucial to physical and psychological health, making parrot toys almost as important as your bird’s food!

On-The-Go Exotic Bird Accessories

At some point, you will probably need to take your bird out of the house, which makes travel accessories for your exotic bird a must. A bird travel cage is an essential item to transport your bird to and from the vet’s office or to get them groomed. We offer a variety of bird travel cages to fit birds of every shape and size.

A bird leash or harness is also a great way to safely enjoy the outdoors with your bird or to start flight training. Remember that even a bird whose wings are clipped can still get pretty far on a good gust of wind, which makes a bird leash or harness a vital accessory.

Where to Buy Exotic Bird Supplies and Accessories

You can find all of the accessories you need for your parrot in our online store! Or, if you prefer, you can shop in our Delran, NJ, location for the necessary bird supplies. We see customers stop in from plenty of areas both near and far, including:

  • New York: Annadale, Arden, Richmond County, Staten Island, Tottenville
  • New Jersey: Brookview, Bridgeboro, Burlington County, Eltingville, Pleasant Plains, Riverside
  • Delaware: Claymont, New Castle County, Wilmington, Worthland
  • Pennsylvania: Bridesburg, Bucks County (Bristol, Levittown), Holmesburg, Philadelphia County
  • Florida

Are you near Delran, NJ, and not sure which bird accessories you need for your parrot or other exotic bird? Reach out to us today, and one of our knowledgeable staff would be happy to help!