Bird Rehoming Services

Exotic birds can live a long and happy life up into their 40s based on several factors. With these long lifespans, there are times when they either outlive their current owners or they simply lose the ability to care for them effectively. Finding a bird rehoming service that can take care of these animals in their time of need and get them into a new home becomes critical. The bird rescue and adoption services of Todd Marcus Birds Exotic are here to help!

Rehoming birds can prove a challenge because of how smart and particular they can be — not everyone is adequately equipped to handle them. Matching a rescue parrot with the right home remains one of the most critical aspects of the rehoming process.

When you have a family member that’s in the process of surrendering a pet bird, keeping the needs of the parrot in mind becomes the highest priority and knowing what to expect from the process helps prepare you for it.

The Steps of Rehoming a Bird Rescue

The bird rehoming process can vary in difficulty based on a variety of factors. The type of bird you’re looking to rehome, their age, how long they’ve been with their current owner, and even their diet can present unique challenges to finding them a new home. 

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic, one of the top bird rescues in New Jersey, takes pride in how we help make the bird surrender and the adoption process as smooth as possible. Here are some of the steps that bird owners should consider when they want to rehome a pet bird:

Step 1
Find a Rehoming Service

Partnering with Todd Marcus Bird Exotic means you have access to an experienced bird rescue in New Jersey that knows the right questions to ask potential adopters. We have an extensive network of experienced bird owners that can make the bird adoption process simple.

Step 2

The key to a successful bird rehoming involves ensuring the right fit between the potential new owner and the rescue parrot or exotic bird in question. With exotic birds, how they feel within a new environment plays a critical role in the success of the rehoming. If they aren’t comfortable in their new surroundings or don’t mesh well with the potential new owner, the endeavor is doomed to failure.

Step 3
How Clean is the Home?

After you go through the bird surrender process, evaluating how clean the potential family’s home is should be your next step. The home’s cleanliness indicates how well they would take care of their potential new bird. While it doesn’t have to be an immaculate home, you still want to find a responsible owner that won’t let the bird’s cage fall into disrepair.

Step 4
How Does the Home Smell?

Exotic birds have some of the most highly developed and efficient lung systems in the animal kingdom. You want to ensure that before surrendering a pet bird and putting them in a new location, the home you want to place them in doesn’t have hidden dangers. If there appears to be excessive cigarette smoke, scented candles, or wax melts around the home, these potential hazards can prove dangerous to the bird.

Step 5
Other Pets in the Home?

While some pets might play well with their new exotic bird family members, others might fall back on their basic predatory instincts and cause more problems for the bird. If the new home has dogs or cats that have not lived with birds previously, it can prove challenging to gauge how they will react. Avoiding potential conflicts like this becomes an essential aspect of the bird rehoming process.

Types of Birds We Can Rehome

No matter the type of exotic birds you have in need of a new home — we can help you find their next one. We have experience with a wide range of bird species including but not limited to:

  • African Greys
  • Amazons
  • Cockatoos
  • Macaws
  • Toucans
  • And Much More!
Note: We no longer accept parakeets or cockatiels for rehoming

If you or a loved one require our bird rehoming services, don’t wait! Contact Todd Marcus Birds Exotic or visit our shop in person to learn more about our process and get started finding their new home today!