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Exotic Bird Toys

When you bring home an exotic bird, one of the first things you will need to do is establish a safe place for them to eat, sleep, and exercise both their bodies and minds. Toys are an essential element of the cage environment for birds of all sizes, from tiny parrotlets to large macaws. 


Tips for Choosing Toys

  • Select toys that are an appropriate size for your bird. If a toy is too large, the bird probably won’t want to engage with it. If it’s too small, it will be destroyed too easily.
  • Provide a variety of toys so your bird can exercise in different ways. Choose toys made from different materials, such as acrylic, wood, metal, and natural materials. Depending on the size of the toys and the cage, usually between 2-4 hanging toys in the cage is appropriate. You can also include small “foot toys” that your bird can move throughout the cage.
  • Change the toys in the cage regularly. Most toys will get destroyed over time — that’s what birds do! Even if your bird doesn’t completely chew up their new toy, it’s important to rotate them out to prevent your bird from getting bored. 


An engaged bird is a happy bird, and one that will be much less likely to have behavioral problems such as excessive screaming or feather plucking. Here are some of the types of toys you can find in our store to keep your feathered friend entertained. 

Foraging Toys

In the wild, birds forage to find their food. Foraging toys allow birds to exercise this need at home. These toys are made out of a variety of materials. Some are meant to be destroyed completely, while others are made out of acrylic or more durable materials that can be reused. You can hide your parrot’s favorite treats inside to encourage them to play!

Shredding Toys

Parrots naturally want to destroy things in their environment, as this is also part of their foraging behavior. Satisfy their need to shred with toys that are tantalizing for curious beaks to tear apart. From the popular “bird kabobs” to toys featuring paper, cardboard, wicker, balsa, and more, we have shredding toys for parrots of all sizes.

Swings and Ladders

Great for both cages and play areas, ladders allow birds to climb and encourage exploration of their environment. Meanwhile, swings and “boings” provide gentle swaying motions that mimic branches moving in the wind, providing a relaxing perch. 

Foot Toys

Foot toys are small toys that your bird can easily grasp in — you guessed it — their foot. They are great to give your bird when they are out on a play stand to keep them entertained.

Bird Trick Toys

Since parrots are highly intelligent, teaching them tricks is a great way to help them flex those mental muscles. Taking the time to teach them something new is also a wonderful way to strengthen your bond — and impress friends and family!

Toy Parts

Create a toy from scratch or remake an old favorite into something new by adding different toy parts. Select from bird-safe pieces such as cardboard bagels, crinkle shreds, bells, and more.


Where can I buy toys for my African grey, macaw, or other parrot?

You can purchase toys for all sizes of birds right here in our online store. Or, if you prefer, you can stop in our store in Delran, NJ, and even let your bird pick out their new toy! We often see customers from:

  • Pennsylvania: Bridesburg, Bucks County (Bristol, Levittown), Holmesburg, Philadelphia County 
  • New Jersey: Brookview, Bridgeboro, Burlington County, Eltingville, Pleasant Plains, Riverside 
  • New York: Annadale, Arden, Richmond County, Staten Island, Tottenville
  • Delaware: Claymont, New Castle County, Wilmington, Worthland
  • Florida 
  • And many other places around the country!

Do you sell other items for birds?

Of course! You can find all of the accessories you might need for your parrot in our online store.

To find out about other services that we offer for birds, contact us today!