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The Bird Store in Delran, NJ

Discover the Joys of Owning a Bird

For 39 years, Todd Marcus and his family have run our exotic bird store in Delran, NJ. We love birds, and our number one priority is always to make sure that our birds are healthy and that everyone who brings one of our birds home has the knowledge and supplies they need to ensure a long and happy life for their new feathered friend. Each and every one of our staff members at our bird shop in NJ is passionate about these gorgeous, magnificent creatures, and we can’t wait to share our love of birds with you!


Todd Marcus Birds Exotic is the go-to bird supply store in Delran, NJ

Your Go-To Online Bird Supply Store

Whether you’ve had birds for years or just bringing one home for the first time, our bird store in Delran, NJ, has all the products you need to take care of your avian family members. You can find everything in our physical bird shop in NJ or our online bird supply store.

A proper diet is essential for your bird’s health. While in the past people used to feed their birds all seed diets, we now know that such a diet is high in fat and does not provide the essential nutrients for your bird. At our exotic bird store in Delran, NJ, you’ll find high-quality pellets and mixes designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of birds of all sizes. We even offer our own custom blends of parrot food, a healthy mixture of pellets, nuts, and fruits and vegetables.

One of the most important things you will need in your bird’s environment is a variety of toys! A good parrot toy will not only satisfy their instincts to chew, shred, and forage, but it will also help them to flex those intellectual muscles! You’ll find toys of all different materials and sizes at our Delran, NJ, bird store — from small beads and bells for tiny parrotlets to big, sturdy wood blocks for massive macaws.

Besides food and toys, you’ll also need other accessories for your bird. This includes everything else you will need for your bird’s cage, such as perches, swings, and ladders. You’ll also find stands for your feathered friends to perch outside of their cage at our pet bird store. Plus, we offer leashes, travel cages, cleaning supplies, and much more.


Yes! You can find our list of currently available exotic birds for sale on our website, and we also update our social media pages when we receive new babies. If there is a specific species you are looking for, please call and let us know.

We offer boarding and grooming services for your pet birds in our store. There is no need to make an appointment for grooming — simply stop in with your feathered friends during our regular business hours.

Our exotic bird store is in Delran, NJ, in Burlington County. We’re easily accessible from Philadelphia, the NJ Turnpike, and the PA Turnpike. We regularly see customers come in from across the region and even from places as far away as Florida!

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  • New Jersey: Brookview, Bridgeboro, Burlington County, Eltingville, Pleasant Plains, Riverside
  • New York: Annadale, Arden, Richmond County, Staten Island, Tottenville
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