Every summer, people plan their vacations to the Jersey Shore (or somewhere more exotic), escaping the pressures of their daily lives and taking some much-needed rest. However, bird owners have additional hurdles to overcome before enjoying their vacation in peace. Responsible bird owners have to decide if their avian friends are coming with them on vacation, if they should have friends come over to watch them, or if a bird boarding service makes the most sense. 

Bringing their feathered friend on vacation presents logistical nightmares if traveling by plane with a bird travel cage. They may have more difficulty finding a rental property that allows birds on the premises. 

While having a friend or family member come over and watch your bird gives your pet the least amount of disruption to their daily routine, things can turn sour quickly if your friend doesn’t have as much experience taking care of exotic birds. Thankfully, a bird boarding service can give you the help you need!

What Is a Bird Boarding Service?

Your exotic bird has unique needs to meet in your absence. While it’s possible to find an experienced bird sitter to come to your home, the process can be long and drawn-out while you vet candidates. With a professional boarding service, you get access to a team with proven experience taking care of a wide range of exotic birds while their owners are away on vacation. 

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic offers our customers proven boarding facilities and services. Our pet bird sitters help your birds fight the loneliness blues while receiving the care and attention they deserve. Our experienced bird sitters spend time with and engage with your bird throughout their stay with us. 

Why Social Interaction Means So Much for Your Bird  

Every type of pet enjoys social interaction with its owners and friends; however, this type of social interaction is especially important for your bird. Birds remain one of the most intelligent pets you can have; however, the downside to that level of intelligence comes with your pet bird dealing with bouts of loneliness and depression. 

When you leave your bird in an unfamiliar environment, they can have anxiety attacks and take a while to adjust to their new surroundings. Most professional pet sitters provide excellent care for your bird, but you need a proven service to ensure that your bird is properly cared for while you’re away. 

Let Your Bird Get Acclimated

The key to a successful vacation and pet bird boarding experience is how comfortable your bird feels in its new, unfamiliar environment. Whether you are in line for a short-term traveling engagement or plan to be gone for an extended period, ensuring your bird feels comfortable is something you need to consider when choosing a boarding service. 

It is critical to have a bird boarding service that allows you to bring your bird’s travel carrier to the facility to get them acclimated to their surroundings. Additionally, the early arrival gives the sitters time to ask specific questions about how you take care of your avian friend. You and your bird get the chance to experience the facility and get a better feel for if it’s a good fit for this trip. 

What You Need Before You Board Your Bird

Reputable bird boarding facilities ask the owners of their incoming boarders to provide essential information before taking the bird into their care. In addition to up-to-date contact information, you need to provide: 

Boarding services want to ensure that any bird coming into their facility doesn’t risk spreading any easily transmissible avian diseases to their other tenants. 

Contact Todd Marcus Birds Exotic to Book Your Bird’s Stay!

Bird owners in the South Jersey area don’t have to look far for a respected bird boarding service — they can turn to Todd Marcus Birds Exotic! They have been the reliable source for their bird’s food, toys, bird cages, and now any boarding they may need. We give our customers the chance to leave their birds in the best hands possible. Contact the Todd Marcus team to learn more about our boarding services and schedule your bird’s next stay today!