Cajun Bean

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Cajun Bean


Treat your parrot to a delicious meal with fresh, authentic Cajun flavors. Cajun Bean parrot food is a holistic parrot food that delivers a balanced nutrition with organic couscous, hulled millet, quinoa, and more. Dried fresh vegetables and beans add satisfying texture that your parrot, macaw, or cockatoo will love to crunch on! Bell peppers, corn, and celery aren’t just good for you – they’re also essential for your feathered friend. Healthy food for birds should be rich in texture and color to encourage foraging. They’ll love the wide range of natural ingredients and flavors. Exquisitely seasoned with bold Cajun flavors that smell just as good as they taste. Make meal times more interesting with heart-healthy cayenne pepper, vitamin-rich basil, warm paprika, and earthy cumin.

  • Organic and 100% all natural ingredients
  • Rich in amino acids and essential vitamins
  • Easy to cook in just 3 minutes

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